Wether it’s a side of the seat that is worn by getting in and out the car or there’s a small cut, with this system it’s possible to fix all imperfections right away and get the leather up to standard as it should be. In a easy, fast and durable way that anyone can learn, there are no difficult or time consuming methods or materials in this system. In general there are no long waiting periods while working with our materials, just keep on reparing or re-coloring. That makes our system ideal for mobile technicians. The Proteam Leather Repair System is perfect for the smaller repairs, bigger damaged areas, such as holes and scratches can be fixed ofcourse, but most of the work will contain re-coloring worn areas on the seats, stearing wheel or arm rests. All materials needed are present in the system, from cleaner/degreaser up to the clear coat, everything is in the system to get to work immediatly. Our system will give you the possibility to mix and match any color on site, using the manufacturers code or the RAL color scheme to mix the paint and then tint it to perfection, all leathers tent to fade in usage soo “ready made” repair sets are off color a lot of the times. That won’t happen if you decide to use our a system! Even the level of gloss of the clear coat can be matched with the leather your working on,cars from the sixties, for example, have real shiny leather, and modern cars matt leather, you can get the same finish every time. Just mix the matt and gloss clear coat to match and get the same shine as the original leather. As it is with our Paint Repair Systems, the words: Easy, fast and durable were the key to succes with our Leather Repair System as well.