A lot of customers asked: Why don’t you build a system with the most used colors? And of course we listen to our customers, and there it is: the Essential Kit.

What’s in the kit? The 15 most used colors, black, black met.,silver grays, darker grays, green met, red met, blue met, white and brown. All mixable with each other, so add a little bit of black to the red, and it’s darker red, that simple. This set can be used by everyone, and the initial investment is kept as low as possible. And after buying this kit you can buy upgrade paint kits to expand the colors step by step.


  • 15x 30mL Proteam paint
  • 1 Proteam degreaser 500 ml.
  • 100 micro brushes
  • 25 Felt discs
  • 1 Stone chip sanding pen
  • 1 Squeegee set 3pcs
  • 25 degreaser cloths
  • 1 250 mL Blending Solution
  • 25 Mixing cups
  • 1 Proteam Paint Pen
  • 6 pair Nitrile reusable gloves

All packed in a convenient workbag with custom inlay for mobile use and easy storage.
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