A complete system to repair stone chips and scratches in car paint.

By applying our easy to learn 4-step-system you can repair stonechips and scratches on a economical en environmentally friendly way.

After several years of testing, research and producing, at this moment our systems are the best alternative for re-spraying damaged paint. During our testing we asked several professionals what would be the best system to do such repairs. By testing different methods and products we are now where we want to be: systems which can be used by everyone and give the best and most durable result available on the market today.

Over 120+ satisfied users worldwide - Dealerships in more then 10 countries

The keywords we used during the development of our systems were Usersfriendly and Fast! And because we have been working in the auto reconditioning business ourselves, we know what our customers want, and now we can supply you with the systems that can help you increase your turnover en keep your customers happy!

The systems contains as much as 70 different pre-mixed car paint.* For over 95% of the repairs the colors are instantly found thanks to this large assortment of colors.

If there is a need for specific color, we can supply you with every color you want, even RAL colors are possible! No waste of time with mixing colors! And because re-painting is not necessary this method is also good for the environment. On the page: How does it work?, you can see a complete repair, the demo video also provides a good impression of how our systems work.

Please, have a good look around the website, and if there are any questions about the Paint Repair Systems do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We can give you the answers on how our system scan provide you with extra turnover in your current enterprise or how you can start your own business using our systems.

* Depending on the set.