Our most recent innovation: “The Glue Tab Management System”

This set of tools will cut down your time spend on glue pulling multiples tabs in one go up to 30%!!!

The innovative system will give you a lot more comfort in glue pulling, less twisting and turning, no more dropping tabs and the solvent on your skin will be cut down do an absolute minimum. You will be able to pull and handle up to 12 glue tabs without the fear of loosing control.


The “Tab clip” is designed to hold and pull up to 12 tabs in one go, made from extreme durable aluminum the “Tab clip” will provide you with the pulling power your used with you puller, it will fit to any puller without an single problem,  giving you the feel you’re used to, but without dropping and loosing glue tabs. The easy-to-clean properties of this systems will cut down almost all solvent on your skin!!!

The”Tab Clip” can also be ordered separately. Please have a look at our full video for the complete explanation of the system:

Please contact us for more information about the full Tab Management System!